Freccerosse per spedire subito e ovunque

Fast delivery and shipping from or to Italy

Freccerosse +390510988022

For your extremely urgent shipments from or to Italy

Freccerosse is the trusted partner of many world famous companies, airport companies and government agencies.

We deal urgent shipments day and night throughout the year.

We have a large fleet of vehicles for all your needs.

Stores and transit point , all over Italy, with departures from Milan Bologna Turin Florence and Rome.

Here are some examples of shipping

Shipping by extremely urgent, immediate pickup and delivery
(Italian and foreign)

Fast shipping, pickup and delivery within the time specified by you
(Italian and foreign)

Shipping night (Italian and foreign)

Express Italy

Immediate domestic shipping (Italy)

Urgent international shipments (CEE and extra CEE)

For your urgent shipments from italy in Italy or contact Freccerosse urgent transport